Comfort and relaxation anywhere!

Cumbersome, inflexible, inconvenient?
Forget everything you thought you knew about travel and neck pillows!
Now there is the Comfort Roll – the unique 6 in 1 multi-functional pillow

Watch our video and see for yourself!

Patent protected in more than 30 countries incl. the USA, the Comfort Roll sets new standards for a travel pillow when it comes to comfort, usage options and handling.

One blow – ready! Rolled up, the Comfort Roll is no larger than a drinks can – and a real lightweight at just 130 grams

No comparison to bulky conventional travel pillows! And just one breath is all it takes to inflate the Comfort Roll into an extremely comfortable multi-functional pillow. Just as fast as the pillow is inflated, the air is let out again in a controlled way.

Ideal for travelling, by plane, train or car, as a lumbar support or as a sleeping pillow.

If you have back problems the special shape of the Comfort Roll means it can be used to relax your back muscles as a seat or back pillow, in the office or at home.

Outdoor Cover

The optional Outdoor Cover
Keep comfortable even in rougher conditions!

Made of high strength, waterproof, rip-stop polyester the Outdoor Cover can resist everything nature has to offer. Whether for sitting on damp, uncomfortable seats at the football stadium or on rough, craggy ground around the campfire, take your Comfort Roll everywhere with the original Outdoor Cover! (available from early Summer 2017)